I don’t know if it’s because of the typical New Year’s Resolutions, but the idea of comparing yourself to 10-years-ago-self is interesting. As it pertains to facebook profile pics, well, I thought I’d see something interesting, but as it turns out, I don’t change my profile pic very often.

In 2004 I had just graduated from college and moved back to my home town. I had a pretty easy job working for a boat tour company and I lived alone. I was single and found that most of my female friends from college were on this new thing, Facebook. So I joined, and at the time I had like 20 friends; 19 were girls. I thought this was a good plan. What plan, you ask? I didn’t really have one beyond that, and of course that’s not how this works and the next summer I was still single when I met the girl who became my wife. Sometime around 2006 I guess Facebook started keeping your Profile Pictures in their own folder (?) as the earliest pic I have is one with her in it.

But having met a girl, I had little other use for Facebook, so I can see that I next changed my profile picture in 2007, three times on the same day for some reason.






I feel like I kept the first one, but I can’t really tell.

Then I changed it again in 2008. That’s it. It’s still the same today. Here:


I was driving my boat at night and a friend was trying to take cool pictures with his new camera. The dash lights are nowhere near as bright as they appear in the pic, and in fact most of the time I shut them off with a hidden switch I installed, to give myself better visibility at night. The glow-in-the-dark Oakleys were a bonus.

I still had that same boat until 2 years ago. I have no idea where the glasses are. My hair looks exactly the same. I married the girl, and we’ve got 2 kids now. We bought a house and lost both cats (different causes). I do still like driving my boat at night and drinking coors light.

There you have it. Some things change, some stay the same... and so on.