But I guess there’s no time like the present, right? Married or engaged Oppos, how did you know it was time to close? Those who ended a long-term relationship, why?

My relationship seems perfect. We don’t fight. She’s got a great family, great career, and is pretty great to me, also. We have been together for almost 6 years, but haven’t been able to seal the deal because she’s been in medical school. That time is looming, though, and I’m afraid that something is missing. I really enjoy talking to other girls and I’m afraid that I like it a little too much. I’m afraid of the commitment and the realization that the surprises in life will grow less frequent. I don’t want things to get stale. I wish I met Katie 4 years later than I did, or was going to meet her soon. I went from college to earning more than $150k/yr, 2 years later, and now I very selfishly (sorry), kind of feel like I want to enjoy that freedom that my income could offer, and that I’m getting tied down. Am I just a dickhead? Or is there something more here?


Thoughts? Advice? 991 Targa?

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