And Doug DeMuro was wrong.

It was actually 32 days ago now, I had been waiting 5 days for the funds to clear, and there was another buyer in line for the sale at the dealer where I purchased it from (and no, this was not a sales trick, as I happen to work for the dealer as well...), and I was told, unfortunately, if your funds don’t show up today we will have to sell it to the other buyer.

The pit in my stomach, a childhood dream, so close, yet so far away. My mind started racing, I HAD to have this car. I started calling every number I could find looking for short term cash. and then it happened. buzz buzz. One new notification, your funds have cleared. The smile on my face.

I took delivery at approximately 4:30 pm on 5/13/15. I got into the car, pushed the button, turned the key, and .... hmm, thats interesting. Lets try that again. Push the button, turn the key, and... Well now theres a crowd gathering, and I can’t seem to get this Ferrari started. ok one more time, push the button, turn the key, vroom! success!!! (turns out the alarm system is kind of touchy, and it takes a few minutes to understand what the buttons and lights mean).


Home at last.

The drive home way amazing. The sound of the flat-plane V8, the gawkers from onlookers and people hanging out car windows to video tape it. I have to admit, it was kind of fun.

The second thing I did with my Ferrari was get gas. I wouldn’t let them fill it up at the dealer because I wanted to make sure it only got top grade fuel from a Shell station.


Now Doug says that getting gas is the hardest part of owning an exotic car due to everyone and their mother wanting to come over and talk to you about their car, and ways it’s better than your. Now I have filled up 4 separate times in different parts of the city at different times of the day, and not once, has anyone even so much as said hello in my general direction on any of the trips.


Doug also seems to think you can not drive an exotic every day.


So far I’ve taken my Ferrari to the grocery store, Target, the mall, a casino, a shopping center, a restaurant that is down a dirt and rock road, my work, and the gym. I’ve also driven it in the rain, on the highway in rush hour, and down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Yes, you do always have to watch for bad drivers, but I do that in my other cars anyways. Yes, you do get attention, but maybe it’s just my area, it’s not so frequent that it’s a bother. Yes, the cost of repairs is high on a vehicle like this, but, compared to other cars of similar make, its quite affordable, and, as Mr. DeMuro also pointed out, the 360 is one of the most reliable vehicles Ferrari has produced.


While I haven’t intentionally tried to go places and pick up women, I doubt that would be an issue, as this is Vegas... I also have had no issues getting insurance, and my insurance company did not limit my mileage, but rather told me that my insurance would be void if I participated in any rally’s, speed contests, or race events. Again, I live in Vegas, where there is no snow, so the roads don’t fall apart, and there are no sink holes in the road. So far, everyone who has ridden in the car has told me how surprised they are at how smooth the car actually is.

I can’t say I am disappointed with the car, but I can say, as my first purchase into the exotic world, I probably should have gone with something a little less spendy to get my toes wet, but all in all, it’s an amazing car, with an amazing ride, and incredibly fun to drive, especially in sport mode, and even with a non-three-pedal transmission.


So thanks Doug, for making me terrified of my purchase for no reason. I would totally do it again, and my only hope is that I can make more money so I can buy another with a proper transmission.