I've owned my 2007 Civic Si for a month...so here's a review :D

No I won’t sit at a red light and rev my engine at you...I promise.

The 8th gen Honda Civic was produced from 2006-2011. It’s quite possibly the most popular car on the normal college campus or among seniors in high school. Being the Honda fan boy I am, I had to get my hands on a Si.

First day home

The 2007 Civic Si coupe, aka FG2 for those crazy about codes, came with Honda’s tried and true K20 series engine producing a mind blowing 197 hp at 7900 rpm and an earth moving 139 lb-ft at 6200 rpm. All that insane power is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. Aside from the bump in power, helical limited-slip differential, and close-ratio 6 speed, the Si’s of the time also got a 7 speaker sound system, upgraded brakes, ‘sports’ seats, a rear wing, different gauges, and a ‘leather’ wrapped steering wheel.

Extra JDM yo

Exterior: It’s bland....I’m not even going to try and justify anything here. The entire 8th generation of the Honda Civic is bland, forgettable, and boring. There is nothing striking about this car, nothing that makes it look different, and nothing that makes me think this wasn’t designed the way it is to fit in. The only thing I can defend about this design is the wing. It’s not STI “In yo face” large but it’s also not “I’m just adding some extra exterior trim” small. It’s a nice touch.

All plastic everything

Interior: It’s simple, well laid out, and it shows it’s from an economy car. There are plastics everywhere, in fact I’m pretty sure I’m sitting in melted army men. The ‘sports’ seats aren’t as comfortable as the other cars I’ve owned, but they hold my 5' 10' self nicely. The rear seats are absolutely useless for people if you have legs.


Audio: The Civic Si came standard with a 7 speaker sound system with a sub woofer standard, a 9 speaker system was an optional extra. It’s not a great sound system but I have no plans swapping out speakers and going that extra length to have some bangin’ system. All I need is a aux port, which is has, and I’m a happy man.

It’s nice having all the information necessary right in front of your face like this. Also, 420 BLAZE IT!!

Acceleration: I can beat a Ferrari to 60....if I have 6 or 7 second head start. The K20Z3 is a screamer and you have to rev the nuts off it to really get any where somewhat quick.

No, I don’t actually have this sticker

Transmission: I learned to drive a manual on my dad’s Scion XB. In that toaster the clutch is as light as a feather, throws are long, and you don’t have to be as precise with the shifting. Step into the Si and it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum. The clutch is a heavier and if I don’t shift precisely into gear...the car throws a fit. 1st gear is not as short as expected while 5th and 6th are longer than expected. The sweet spot is definitely 3rd and 4th gear when you’re hovering around or above 3,000 RPM; I can keep it in 4th on the way to and from work and let the k20 scream.

Throws are nice and short

Braking: Disc brakes all around with ABS standard. The rear brakes are 10.2" the front brakes are 11.8". They’re always ready and able to stop me when i-Vtec kicks in (yo!).


Ride/Handling: It’s a lot harsher than my TL and makes me more aware of potholes than I already was. It’s definitely more tuned towards driving around holes rather than gliding right over them.

The Civic Si coupes received a MacPherson strut front suspension, four wheel independent suspension, a double wishbone rear suspension, and a front and rear stabilizer bar. On top of all those goodies, the chassis itself is already pretty rigid so it makes twisty roads fun. Thank god I take the back roads to work these days.

These had a solid rear axle in the back; for once American Honda got the better end of the deal

Value: New these were in the mid 20's and now you’ll probably find them anywhere from 8k-12k. I stumbled upon a deal and jumped on it because I needed a car. That all being said, I fully expect Si prices to take a nose dive whenever Honda decides to bring the next generation Si out with their turbocharged engines. If you don’t need a car tomorrow, I’d say wait.


Verdict: I’m in love.

JKM’s most favorite thing in the entire world is in this picture
Snug as a bug

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