Except not really, but the dimensions of my new toy aren't too far off.

It's from 1999, it wasn't very expensive and it has a good engine and gearbox. No rust either, which is very unusual. It does need a lot of work though. First up are the brakes. The previous owner kept it stored for too long and the brakes were the first victim. With four unassisted drums I'm not going to be taking chances and have already ordered a full replacement kit. I also bought a new windshield (the current one is scratched to all hell), new indicator lenses (current ones are mismatched), new headlight mounts, new upholstery clips, new fuel lines, door locks and loads of other bits and bobs. Parts are ridiculously cheap so it's not a big deal (a new door is 30 bucks, a new floor is 70, an indicator lens is about 5, brake kits cost something like 15 dollars per corner, a new windshield set me back 30 dollars; I think I also saw a new steering box for $12). I'll also have to wash the upholstery at some point since it's proper manky. Installing a 12V outlet (it was an option this car didn't come with) and a radio are also somewhere on my to-do list. Looking into the gear linkage couldn't hurt either.

It's mainly going to be a project for me and my dad and this "blue torpedo" seems like a perfect choice. It's very simple and if we lose our enthusiasm and have to cut our losses it's going to be easy to swallow because of how cheap it is.

At the moment, the car is registered, MOT'd, insured, perfectly driveable and really fun. Initially I wanted a much earlier 126p, but once my dad spotted this one for sale I took the plunge. While I don't like some parts of those late models (1999 was the penultimate year of production), especially that ugly Cinquecento gauge cluster, there are some good sides to them. They run on unleaded fuel, have halogen headlamps and were fitted with an electronic ignition system. The fact that they share many bits with Cinquecentos drives part prices down as well. One thing I really hate is that goddamn beeper. It's getting disabled ASAP.


The two initial startup attempts from the video were done with no choke (and it almost started in -2*C). Then at one point i needlessly cut choke in half, that's why it didn't sound great. You can hear it with no choke at all around the end.