I saw something today and I’ve no idea what it is. Let me describe it to you.

Something about the front reminded me of an Ultima GTR. I think it had a low, low front section framed with more upright round headlights, a bit like the Ultima.


From the side it reminded me a bit of the Tommy Kaira I. It was small, the roof dropped off sharply in the same way. But the back wasn’t the same at all.

The back reminded me of a first-gen RX7. Horizontal-slat type taillights on either side just like the RX. But it had a ducktail sort of a spoiler rising up between them.


All in all it looked like some sort of little sporty mid-engined thing, perhaps a kit car. I’m a bit flummoxed, can oppo help?

Edit: I’ve been away the last few days but there have been a lot of awesome replies. Still not sure what I saw as I’m based solely on my memory, but I think the closest guesses are:


A Porsche 914 with a similar spoiler to the one above. I’ve never seen one in the flesh so it could easily have stumped me.


This GTM Coupe kit car. I remember that curve in the buttresses.

Hopefully I’ll see it around and I’ll be able to clarify.

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