Because New Mexico requires out of state vehicles to have their VINs physically inspected by the MVD, I hooked up the trailer and took it by the MVD this morning to re-title and register it in NM. For those that know NM, having a titled and registered trailer displaying a plate and current sticker is decidedly uncommon in the state. Unfortunately, New Mexico no longer does permanent trailer registrations on things with a GVWR of 7,000lbs and above, so I’ll have to send $18/year to get a new sticker. With ye olde single axle trailer (that I never bothered to re-title in Texas after I moved), the ~$35 for a permanent registration was an awesome deal. Trailer plates only come in the standard yellow and red NM plate.

This also severed my last official tie to Texas. It feels good. A Texas trailer plate will be a new one to put up on the wall.

All tucked away and waiting for me to have a tire budget again.