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After many, many hours cutting and re-cutting I'm happy to say that I've submitted two pieces for the 2nd Annual Jalopnik Film Festival. I wish I'd had more time to continue refining the work because as both director and editor, I feel there's always something that can be done better. Eventually you just have to step back, trust your judgement and be done.


What I'd really like to know is how many other Jalops submitted films. Did you submit one or a couple? Did you go out and shoot something with a skeleton crew or did you work from existing footage? Are you Michael Bay or Justin Lin trolling us all so you can win a film festival?

I'm hoping there's a lot of you who submitting and that many of you who I've come to know digitally will be in New York for the festival in November. Picture it, bunch of us Oppo's walking the brown carpet and giving fascinating interviews about how we write automotive content for free, at home, in our underwear, that's entertainment.


Seriously though, would be so cool to have a strong showing from the Oppositelock community at JFF and put faces to some of the clever/not so clever handles out there. I will be going to the festival regardless of whether my films are accepted and I hope many of you will do the same. I plan on being in the NYC area for 4-5 days prior to the festival so if you have a cool car story that you want to shoot or just hang out and talk cars drop me a line. I'm going to be bringing my gear with me and would love to get some new stories shot.

Oh and I'll be posting a trailer for my submissions this coming Tuesday right here on Oppo so keep an eye out for that.




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