I've talked about this...

I enjoy my job. It’s fun and rarely drags into tedium, and when it does - my internet isn’t restricted so I can read Oppo with YouTube music playing in the background.

But I’ve been looking-not seriously- because the pay isn’t where I need it to be, especially since my crash increased my car insurance by $65/mo.


Thursday night my wife showed me an ad for office work at the collision center for a new car dealer. I sent my résumé and a cover letter at about 10:30 that night.

At about 930 yesterday morning I was at UPS waiting for packages to come from the back when my phone rang. It was a woman whose voice I recognized from my current job.

I said, “Tammy?”

She was flabbergasted that I recognized her. She used to work in service at a dealer we work with, arranging all of the outsourced accessory work. She had been promoted and was now the HR manager for the same dealer. She asked if I could come in that day for an interview.


Anyway, I warned her that I was in no way dressed for a job interview - shorts and a coffee-stained polo for a Friday I expected UPS to be my only trip out of the office. She said “no problem,” and I yold the boss I had to take a long lunch.

I feel like I nailed it. $3/hour more than my current wage and an opportunity move up.


Wish me luck.

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