So I've recently been potentially in the market for a new car to replace my S60R. I love the R like nothing else, but it needs new suspension and a new clutch. I'm looking at $5,000+ in repairs for a car worth 11K, tops.

Yesterday, I went to a Mazda Dealer in Connecticut (which shall remain unnamed). I've already test-drove the 6 Touring Manual at another dealer, but I didn't really like the dealer, so I thought I'd give this one a chance.

I was approached by a salesguy before I even got out of my car. He looked like your stereotypical car sales guy. What bothered me the most was that he wouldn't look me in the eye - he'd stare directly at my forehead. It kinda creeped me out.

Right as I sat at his desk, he asked for my full name, phone number and address. I refused to give my address since it was pretty much useless to him. I hadn't even told him why I was there yet. He became standoffish, saying that all dealers have to ask for your address, and there's nothing he can do without it (lie #1).

He went on to say things, such as the following:
"The 6 is faster than your Volvo since it weighs less" (he's comparing a 300HP Turbo to a 180HP i4 - my 0-60 is like 5.9 and the 6 is like 7.5)

"It's just a Volvo, who wants a Volvo?" (ME - I'd buy another Volvo if they made new ones in stick)


"The Mazda is weighted to perform better than your current car in the snow" (I'm driving a manual, heavy, AWD Car with General Altimax Arctic Winter Tires - I'm damn confident my Volvo is better in the snow than a FWD car with All-Season's)

"When Ford owned Volvo and Mazda, they took all safety features from Volvo and put them in the Mazda. The Mazda is much safer than any new Volvo"

"Mazda's closest competitor for performance is BMW - bar none. Every competitor has body roll except the Mazda"

"Mazda has a better resale value than Toyota, Honda, and everything else on the market"


"There's never a better time to buy than right now."

This list continues. I walked out of the dealer and threw his card out along the way. I've sold cars before - I know you need to sell your product, but don't lie along the way. While the first Mazda Dealer was ok, this one was pretty awful.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.