The first press photographs of the new California T were released today. The car received substantial changes inside and a subtle redesign outside, much like the 575M that superceded the 550 and the 456M that replaced the 456. However, I quickly noticed that something was missing.

That something was the distinctive Pininfarina badge.

Pininfarina and Ferrari have had one of the longest working relationship in the automotive industry. The Pininfarina crest and script, many of which you can check out here, have adorned countless Ferrari models.

With Pininfarina recently paired up with resurgent Maserati, it only seemed like it would bring two companies even closer. However, when the new Quattroporte was revealed in 2014, it was missing a Pininfarina badge. When the Ghibli was released, it also lacked a Pininfarina badge. The same was true for LaFerrari, and now the California T is missing the Pininfarina badge.


You might think that because California T is a revision of an existing model, it wouldn't have the badge, but there are precedents. The 456M and the 575M still bore the Pininfarina badges.

So what does this mean? Is Ferrari moving all design work in-house? Or is Pininfarina's contribution to Ferrari design just lessened than before?