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J2000 Racer for TVR 280i Trade Update

A week or so ago I wrote about trading my Pontiac J2000 racer project for a TVR 280i. Reactions here ranged from ‘do it NOW’ to ‘don’t do it EVER’ and that’s why I like Oppo, but anyway. I went to see the TVR today and the trade was improved for me, so I’m considering it.

On the TVR, two points: it’s all there, and the engine turns over with a battery which means it can be made to run. I’m not crazy enthusiastic about the car but it’s pretty cool, and it’s unique. I think it would be a track car for me, I’m not really interested in titling it.


On top of that, however, the seller offered me a tandem axle car hauler trailer, which is a thing I’ve always wanted/thought I should have. It’s a little bit of a project, but he said it tows great and would certainly pull the TVR without issue. Also looks like I could mount a winch on it for the other garbage I tend to buy.

And on top of THAT, he said he would throw in a 1993-4 Kawasaki ZX7R he’s got sitting in his garage. No title, needs a battery, runs. I have zero interest in that bike, but somebody would want it for $500 or so, right?


So. As an even up trade, I was out on it but with a trailer and the bike that seems like very good value to me. If somebody offered me just the bike and trailer I’d consider it on value and then the TVR is basically free if you want to think of it that way.

I’m leaning towards it, but I’m gonna kick it around for a few days. 

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