Jabra's 2nd Gen Earbuds - Oppo Review & Comparison

Got some cash burning a hole in your wallet? You’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be looking at Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds.

I bought the original Jabra’s (65t) almost two years ago, after reading through every review on the as-of-then-not-yet-saturated-market. General consensus was that Apple’s initial Airpods had much better connectivity (at least with other Apple products) and a not-insignificant bump in battery life. The Jabra’s allegedly had superior sound, a much more streamlined low-profile look, and a fitment that kept them from falling out in even the most strenuous of exercise.


It wasn’t for a few months until I was able to test out Apple’s product, but as soon as I started using the Jabra’s I was absolutely thrilled.

The sound was fantastic not by wireless standards, but in general. They sounded better than the $100 wired Bose earbuds I’d been partial to for the past few years, and unlike said wired buds... There was no chance I’d shred the cable every six months. Various beats earbuds (wired and wireless) were clearly lagging behind Jabra’s tight punchy bass and overall clarity.

Are they top-dollar studio headphones running through a hifi setup? No. But on sound alone, I was still blown away by what these offered.

As for the negatives...

The battery life was a so-so 5 hours, with another two full charges in the case.


Speaking of which, the case charged via micro-USB, which... Was pretty frustrating after switching all my cables over to USB-c.

The case was also tricky to open, requiring you to pry the top open with a thumbnail, sometimes resulting in the earbuds flying out.


A minor gripe, but the case also didn’t lay flat unless you stood it up lengthwise.

The physical buttons required a decent amount of pressure to engage, which could be a bit painful at times.


Other than those few things, I loved them. They sealed well enough to operate all manor of power tools and machinery without dedicated ear plugs, whearas I’d always see the dude with Airpods swapping back-and-forth with PPE every time he went for the tile saw.

The controls were fairly intuitive, with physical buttons on each earbud. Even with thick gloves, you could pause the music, switch to the next song, answer a call... Or activate soundthrough, Jabra’s “anti noise canceling” feature.


The 65t earbuds seal so well that they’re already quite good in terms of passive noise-cancelation, better than a few active-canceling buds I’ve tried in fact. Jabra went and added a feature where at the tap of a button, microphones pick up outside sounds and transmit them through to your ear holes. Boom, sound pass-through. It’s a fantastic feature in theory, and in practice... Yeah. They nailed it.

While it does drain the battery quicker, with soundthrough activated you can easily have a a conversation without removing the buds. Drive in a super noisy racecar and want to protect your hearing without blocking out too much noise? Passthrough works great.


You’re probably wondering why I upgraded to Jabra’s most recent iteration, the 75t. Pretty simple. I lost one of the 65t earbuds.

Fuck my life. Now these can be used in single bud configuration... But only the right earbud.


Guess which one I lost?

Yep... The right earbud.

Eventually I bit the bullet and purchased Jabra’s 75t wireless earbuds. I’ve now been using them daily for months.


They are very similar. Drivers are unchanged, which means your music should also sound unchanged. I can confirm that is in fact the case, and while it would have been nice to see some kind of upgrade... At the end of the day there’s still nothing else that sounds as good on the market.


Upgrades include, in no particular order...

Battery life. Manufacturer says 7.5 hours, and I’ve been getting exactly that. Case provides... Well. I don’t actually know how many charges. Plenty. And it’s quick too. I swear twenty minutes in the case gives me hours of listening time.


USB-c charging! Finally.

Earbuds are now magnetic, and will stick to each other, or stay held in place inside the case.


The case itself opens much easier thanks to magnets. Magnets are wicked cool.

The buds are smaller! It’s a significant decrease in size, yet somehow the tight fit remains the same. Win-win.


The design itself is even more streamlined, with these buds really dissapearing in your ear compared to the competition.

There are now just a single button on each earbud. And unlike the completion which has switched to touch and/or gesture control for reasons beyond me... These are physical. They also require less effort to engage than the previous design.


So all-in-all these new earbuds from Jabra are a fantastic update on an already solid product. They undercut the new Airpods by like $100 while sounding better, looking better, and having arguably better features.


Tl:Dr - Jabra’s 75t elite earbuds are fantastic. That said if you don’t need the extended battery life, look for a deal on the older 65t’s, which sound the exact same.

Here’s a link to a real review. I generally trust Tom’s Guide.


Any questions?

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