Jack Rabbiting SMG - 2003 E46 M3 Vert - $8500

The english in this Craigslist Post is nothing short of priceless :)

(If english was my second language I am pretty sure my writing skills would be 1st grade....at best)


The Ad is here : http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/489925…

Since there are no pictures I'm going to save you the clicky click.

When I close my eyes I can picture the seller in pointy leather shoes jack rabbiting the SMG from a cold start......

Hi, I am selling 2003 BMW E46 M3 CONVERTIBLE.

I have been taking care of this car since last year January. I had really enjoy and had a good time with this E46. Now, I have to sell this car due to service in army.

The thing is this car is very hard to drive with SMG transmission. If you guys drive automatic car before, taking care of SMG will be hard. No issues with SMG transmission. Also, no issues with ENGINE Problem.

This car is NOT clean title due to rear accident in Washington in 2010(previous driver). And it repaired totally fine, and the car runs really really well like a car has clean title.

Some minor scratches on doors but not big at all, and some rock chips on front bumper.

This car has 18 inches black rims, and I spend with this about $2000.

Carbon Fiber on Fog lights Trim, looks cool. And steering wheel and paddle shift trim has equipped with CARBON FIBER as well.

Has Pioneer NAVIGATION Equipped. Bluetooth, and DVD works well.

Weather is getting warmer and warmer and this car is perfect for the summer because it is a convertible car.

When I got this car last year, It has issue with latches (Right and Left), also it has issue with motor of convertible, but It repaired totally fine at the SPORTSCARSHOP at the downtown. They are taking care of my car since last year, and I had another BMW vehicle before, and they know me well, they know my car well. All documents of M3 is in SPORTSCARSHOP.

The issue with convertible right now is driver side of convertible is ripped it by someone last summer.

I went to the shop which is Stans, but they recommended me to change whole convertible which costs like $1800. It is ripped like 7 inches, so I bought nylon tread, I sew it. When it rains, water is not dripping anymore, and it looks invisible because it is same color.

And brakes need to be replaced and Engine Temperature Thermostat, that is why there is Engine Service soon sign came up, and brake sign came up. I went to the mechanic (SPORTSCARSHOP), and I have a estimate as well.

2003's Generation of BMW doesn't have angel lights, but I installed it with LED white color. I bought this item in eBay, and I installed it at the Itint at Springfield. And I have installed with bright white led headlights. Previous one was a little bit yellow with white color. Backup reverse lights have also white LED lights. Also, it is tinted 25%.

K&N Intake air is installed it with previous driver. And has installed with Black Matte Grill.

The price is firm, and no low ballers.

If you need pics of this car email me or text me please.

6 Cylinder with 3.2 liter, and 333hp.

Rear Wheel Drive

Cold Weather Package

Rollover Protection

Air conditioning

Power windows

Power door locks

Cruise Controls

Parking Sensors

Dual Air Bags

Side Air Bags

Dual Power Seats

Black Leather Seats

Bi-Xenon headlamps

Traction Control

Stability Control


Power Steering

Telescoping Wheel

Radio, CD

Harman Kardon Sound

Navigation System

DVD System

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