If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


normally on my way to work, especially in the left lane, traffic flows at just get me to work so i can get this over with speed while the right lane travels at the posted speed. I'm traveling away from Boston so traffic is usually very light. This morning traffic suddenly slows to the same speed as the right lane and i'm all like WTF yo. I was exiting soon to I (black) slipped into the right lane ahead on one of the trucks, sped up a bit to see my jackass in blue feuding with mr jackass in green. Green was inches from blues bumper and blue was pacing the truck in the right so that green could not go anywhere. This was starting to build up a bit of a line in the left so because 1 person had an issue it had to slow everyone down. I hope you hit black ice and end up in a snowbank. I'll let you live this time tho.


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