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Jackson's Benefit Car Show!

Back in 2016 I shot a car show for Chandler, a car enthusiast who was going through things no 21 year old should have to worry about. He passed about a month later, surrounded by family and friends.

Now, 3 years later, I was contacted by a lady who was involved in Chandler’s show. She told me there was a benefit car show for a 10 year old named Jackson. She wondered if I could shoot the event like I did for Chandler and she put me in contact with the organizer for Jackson’s event. I posted the event on my Instagram (it didn’t do much, at times like these I wished I was a big name YouTuber, I could reach the entire DFW car community that way).


Even with the short notice there were quite a few nice cars out there, and Jackson was all smiles, he even got a ride in an Audi R8! It warmed my heart the Car Community can come together like this on short notice to give him a great show!

There was a donation jar at the car show and I helped out as much as I could. Jackson and his family would appreciate your help if you can as well. If you want to know more about Jackson and perhaps help out please visit the following gofundme:

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