Weirdly I don’t hate this
Weirdly I don’t hate this
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The hotel is booked, cash is in hand, co-driver should be picking me up soon, and we’re driving the 6 hours up to Saint Louis to look at a suspiciously cheap Jag as a shady dealer. I gotta say, I’m pretty nervous!

My former boss, also a car guy that I should probably just start calling “my friend”, is picking me up in his Golf TDI to make the drive. We’ll get in late and head to the dealership in the morning. Most of my nervousness is related to that last part.


While I told the dealer multiple times I’d be there on Monday, I have a sinking feeling they’ll be closed when I get there. Why you ask? Well it is Veteran’s Day, for one, which isn’t really a reason for a business to be closed but you never know, and the weather is going to SUCK, for another.

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Not ideal weather to be buying/ test driving/ road tripping a 400HP rear-wheel-drive sport sedan. Or really doing anything other than sitting indoors. I did check and the ground temperatures are still high enough I don’t expect the roads to get really nasty.

Things are on rails now, so I’m going, and I guess I’ll look at the car either way?


Ugh. I hate uncertainty.

I’m scheduling this to go out right around when I hit the road, so... AMA?

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