For the first time in a month the Jag’s engine is a sealed unit again!

Shiny new crank, about to be covered by the cleaned-out oil pan. Remember to prep the shit out of all mating surfaces and glob some RTV on the corners of the pan gaskets.

Pan on, balancer on, flip the engine back over (damn it’s heavy now!) and put on the nice clean aluminum intake.


Realize you bought the wrong balancer, go back to the store with the original and the one you got and realize there are about 6 different Chevy 350 harmonic balancers. Hrm.

IT HAS VALVE COVERS. So close. Got all the lashes set and primed the hell out of the oil pump. Pretty much just have accessories to finish putting on the front then bolt on the exhaust manifolds and bodily hurl the engine in the general direction of the Jag’s engine bay.