Remember that Bertone Jag that Jay Leno drove recently?

Or that bitchin B99 that Bertone showed in 2011?

Turns out that there’s an even older Bertone-designed Jag: the FT Coupe. And it was lovely.


In 1966, the Italian Jaguar importer Ferruccio Tarchini commissioned Carrozzeria Bertone to build a four-seater coupé based on the Jaguar S-Type saloon, which was displayed on their stand during the 1966 Geneva Motor Show.

Initially it was planned to distribute this limited edition model through the Jaguar sales organisation in Italy and abroad, but in the end production was limited to just the show car and the one offered by GTC.


It was called the Jaguar ‘FT’, after the initials of Ferruccio Tarchini.

I just learned of this thing today, and then, of course, I find that Goggles Pizzano beat me to the punch last year. Ah well. Good to be reminded, if you already knew about it.