I went out apple picking with my family. It was raining pretty heavily, and the orchard was soaked, so we didn't spend too much time there and instead headed to a nearby winery. As we sat around talking, I saw this drive by and totally ignored everything my mother was saying. Soon after, I found a pretense to walk away and take a few shots with my potato camera (Nokia Lumia 928). I wish I could've stayed a lot longer, taken more shots, spent more time on each shot, and brought my DSLR, but there was a wedding reception going on 20ft away and it was pouring.

Judging by the engine only, I'd guess it was a late 60's model, but I'd love to know more.

The color is just awesome. Not sure it would work on anything modern, but on this, it's just perfect.


Edit: I saw two older Land Cruisers at a different orchard yesterday. I was surprised to see the first, and really surprised to the see the second. They were both a lighter tan color, and I was a big fan of both. Unfortunately, those I was with wouldn't have understood me walking off to go take pictures of old cars, so I couldn't stop and gawk.