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Jaguar-Land Rover Need to Buy Subaru

Why haven’t rumors of Subaru being bought from Fuji cropped up yet? Just to stir some responses. It seems as if Toyota is ready to take in Mazda and Fuji Heavy Industries with Subaru are next in line. But what if JLR (supported by Tata) just threw down the gloves and offered to buy the Subaru brand right from Fuji?


Subaru is unstoppable in the US. The average transaction price for their cars was nearing $29,000 last I checked. The industry average was around $35,000. But here is the thing, every automaker has premium offerings and premium brands to inflate that average. That means they offer cars and trucks that are priced well above that industry average $35,000. The fact that Subaru is nailing an average buy that is above the starting price of every model they offer is astounding. Hyundai-Kia and Honda-Acura were averaging a lower transaction price than Subaru. All this means that people are begging for as much Subaru as they can get!

If any brand should be going upmarket it’s Subaru!!

Enter JLR...

Let’s face it, there is no synergizing between the Tata brand and JLR. They do nothing for each other but share a bank account. No trickle down prestige, no scaling costs, just a big nada for Tata. However, I think Subaru could be that bridge everyone needs.

JLR wants to buy another luxury brand? Forget that, buy Subaru!

Land Rover wants to spin off an on-road brand called Road Rover? Hey, I understand! I could be convinced of a brand between Subaru and Land Rover that isn’t as performance and style focused as Jaguar. In fact, I think Subaru-Road Rover dealerships would be great since Jaguar and Land Rover cant share a dealership or service space with Subaru.


Think of the powertrains! All of a sudden you have boxer 4-cyls, the upcoming inline six, V8s, diesels and every type of AWD type out there!


Think of the exhaust notes!

Think of the designs!!

Think of the doggos!!!

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