Jaguar sales reportedly down

Following on the heels of the article this morning about the I-Pace making up 10% of Jaguar sales, The Driver is reporting that Jaguar sales in October were trash pretty much everywhere and that Land Rover is pretty much carrying the brand. They sold a record 621,000 cars globally last year with 114,000 of those being in North America alone. But 75,000 of those sales were Land Rover, which means they old sold about 40,000. And of those according to the article, most were from the F-Pace.

Jaguars dismal sales and problems highlighted in the article are:

  • Mercedes sold more GLC’s alone than all of their cars combined
  • Even though the F-Pace is carrying the brand, its sales are down 27 percent
  • The whole lineup only found 2,648 buyers
  • 1900 of those were the F-Pace
  • Only 741 of those sales were actual cars
  • 78 XJ sales
  • 171 XF sales
  • 186 F-Types
  • The biggest letdown was the XE, who they wanted to sell 200,000 per year, only moving 306
  • A bad bet on diesel as most of Europe is turning their backs on diesel engines and diesel still not catching on here in the States.
  • A major sales slump in China

Its worth a read and kind of makes you feel bad for them. What can be down to get people into Jaguars? Sell them used most likely.


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