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Jaguar USA Can't Believe It's Not RWD

I don’t have the heart to tell them how far down market current Jaguar is going. On a sad side note for this Jag lad, the sedan outlook is looking really grim from here.

The F-Type outsells the XF as well as the XJ and the XE is tanking pretty badly. Jaguar MUST offer sedans (#branding) but they will need to replace the XE and XF with a single model. Same thing Cadillac is doing with the CT5 replacing the ATS and CTS, and I think Lexus will do the same with the IS and GS.


Maybe Jaguar will go for a 2+2 XJ/XK coupe and make a 4 door fastback out of that model so that it will be seen as a Panamera rival rather than an S-Class rival (serious difference).

Some extreme issues happening across all brands to be honest with the market shift. The most severe one seems to be offering premium RWD-based models for below $40k (and commodity RWD under $30k such as MX-5 and the pony cars). All that while keeping products below the $60k price range where everything is falling apart.

All this means changing to FWD-based platforms for models currently below $40k or sharing RWD-platforms across multiple brands. I’ve been watching this for the past few months and things look rough, kin.

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