Sitting here windmilling my arms a bit since my rod is still at the machine shop. In the meantime we got the block pressure washed and started installing the crank and made an interesting discovery with the camshaft.

Had the work truck borrowed for the weekend. 1997 4x4 4.6l ‘97 F-150 Lariat. It’s hideous and beat to shit but the front suspension was just rebuilt and it drives fantastic. Got the engine pressure washed at the local car wash. Blew a TON of stuff out of the coolant galleys. Gross.

Went to O’reilly’s for plastigauge and assembly lube and this was there. 4cyl turbodiesel Isuzu. Interesting.




It seems it has an aftermarket camshaft. Not awful. I’m gonna be a bit sad when this inevitably wipes out a few lobes. Sigh.

L U B E. And all nice new bearings!


Got two of the rods put together and plastigauged and stuff before getting tired. Everything is checking out so far. Look at that nice clean crank!

Huh. these rods look like they’ve been balanced in the past (towards the left, little bit of material taken off). That’s interesting.


Markings on the camshaft.

Fun times. Hopefully we got those lifters back where they belong...