Jaguars rookie RB Leonard Fournette totaled something called a "Mercedes Maybach 6"

According to this article, after the Jaguars beat the Steelers and knocked them out of the playoffs, Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette of was rear-ended by a car full of Steelers fans, totaling his “Mercedes-Maybach 6,” whatever that is.

Thankfully, the accident didn’t cause any injuries. But Fournette’s Mercedes-Maybach 6 — an exotic coupe with a sticker price of at least six figures — did not survive.

“I’ve got to get a whole new car,” Fournette said. “But at least nobody got hurt.”


As far as I know, the only currently available Mercedes-Maybach models are the S560 and S650 sedans, at least those are the only ones listed on Mercedes’ Maybach mini-site, but what do I know?

What stood out to me about this, aside from the imaginary Maybach coupe that Fournette was supposedly driving, is that an NFL rookie would have such a fancy car, because I thought rookies supposedly got screwed in whatever the most recent NFL collective bargaining agreement was. Not that I actually pay attention to the math behind pro sports salaries, because I don’t give a shit about that stuff, and am not a professor of salarycaponomics.

But according to this, he got a $17.9 million signing bonus. I suppose he can afford a Maybach with that. Maybe he even got a Mercedes-Maybach 6 coupe out of the deal.

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