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Jake Bait (Update)

Well...there was still too much ice to safely depart for work. So I spent the extra time I made for myself making sure the ‘Wing was in shape for a ride after work today. Meanwhile, I managed to anger my first neighbour!

My next door neighbour came out this morning and scolded me for running the Goldwing for about an hour yesterday. I only work on my cars and bikes outside of quiet hours (10pm-7am) and this was 7pm, so I figured I was safe. The Goldwing really isn’t loud once you get it off the choke and overall I’d say it’s quieter than a stock Mustang 5.0. I’m sorta surprised that the straight pipe Buell didn’t bother anyone, but the Goldwing? That was too loud.

Guess I’ll have to get the toys down to the far end of the parking lot again because he’s going to kill me if he hears me using an impact driver on the 450.


Hopefully when I come home enough of the ice is melted for me to get in a good ride!


Enough salt has been washed off the roads and it’ll be warm enough this week to put some miles on Poseidon the Goldwing. It woke from its winter slumber like it didn’t just sit through one of the coldest winters in IL history. :)


Wish the same could be said for the battery...


To combat this, I got myself a 3A Deltran Battery Tender from Costco. It’s the same model they sell for $80 elsewhere, but if you get it in a Costco box it only costs $40.

I’ll try to scoop up the GS850G from storage, but for now the Goldwing will get some much deserved playtime.


Next on my list? Getting the 450 cabrio driving (I’m soooo close!) then getting this GSX riding.

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