So I took the gf out to a parking lot in the WRX today. She's never once been behind the wheel of a stick before, despite the fact that in 3 years of dating I've had 4 manual daily drivers, and the only auto I've had was the 9 months I had to endure DD duty in a Scout, and borrowed my dads 6 speed fusion whenever possible. She did well on the basics. A long way to go, but she enjoyed it, didnt wreck my clutch, and already claims to understand how I can detest autos in cars. I may just make her a Jalop yet. She does read FP for fun on occasion, and loves car shows. Her father has had a 71 Chevelle, a fox body, a cobra, and a V10 M5 since I've known her, so the potential is there. Wish me luck.