FedEx isn't all to blame. I could have noticed it one of the 25 times I tracked my packages this week. But alas - my car sits on jackstands until Monday because I wasn't home to sign for the last package for a complete suspension overhaul.

Stated innocently enough. I slid into a curb when it was iced over the winter and messed up my alignment and thew a wheel out of balance - so last weekend I took my '09 Forester to the shop to get it fixed. The tech found the wheel wasn't out of balance, it is bent. Nothing but a new wheel will fix that. While the car was in the air, I noticed the rear shock was blown and there were some bushings the looked a little worse for wear so the shopping listed started to grow.

On the way home I started thinking about other items that weren't quite right with the car. I had lowered my Forester onto a WRX suspension a year ago, alignment was always an issue and the height of my SUV caused a considerable amount of body roll.

Shopping for the new wheel and bushings lead to a swaybar, a swaybar led to stiffer springs, stiffer springs led to Koni shocks, and Koni shocks lead to camber plates. I admit - it it was a little much. But everything was on order as of last Sunday, giving everything a week to be delivered and making today the designated day in the garage.


But I got home yesterday and the springs were not on the front porch. In their place there was a FedEx door tag. I had been tracking obsessively and the items I hadn't received we on truck for delivery while I was at the office Friday so this was confusing. The door tag indicated a signature was required. The dreaded signature required. Called customer service and they offered to deliver on Monday. I spent a considerable amount of time educating the rep how all the parts worked together and that my weekend could not proceed without the springs. This made no difference to them, their policies, or their delivery schedule. I was SOL.

So now my Koni shocks and camber plates are sad. They are sitting on the floor just waiting for their '11 STi springs. I took the job as far as I could, but this car get to hang out on the jackstands until Monday evening. I need this car next weekend so the Subie will be in and out of tire and alignment shops this week - instead of being able to have it knocked out tomorrow by my tire guy. Just annoying and will mess up my work schedule. All because of a stinking signature.


My only condolence is the fact my hobby car (below) is running at the moment. At least I have something I can tool around in while my daily driver comes back to the land of the living.

(Ed. Note: The Earth Quake line of air tools from Harbor Freight are awesome. Bought a new impact wrench Friday and on holy hell - it is awesome. Don't cheap out, but the good impact wrench!!)