The Incredible Cars From The VA Jalopnik Cars And Coffee Meetup

If you're in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area and you like cars (of course you like cars, that's why you're here, right?) then you owe it to yourself to check out Katie's Cars and Coffee. A group of Jalopnik and Opposite Lock readers met there this weekend, and we were blown away by the lineup.

I've been to many Cars and Coffee events before, but none like the one at Katie's Coffee in Great Falls. The turnout included a couple E28 M5s, a 1929 Bentley, a Ferrari Testarossa, several Jaguar E-Types, a ton of Porsche 928s (Who knew so many 928s are actually running?) a Ford GTX1, a Lamborghini Countach, a Morgan, and a gorgeous Mercedes 190SL. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Best of all was the car pictured above, an honest-to-God actual 1959 Cooper Formula One car. There's something you don't see every day. Or ever.

Check out these photos from J. David Buerk (aka acousticaperture) below to see some of the action. Thanks again to all the Jalop readers who organized this, starting with Nick (aka JAYZAYEIGHTY), and were able to come out — it was great to meet you all in person. We'll have to do this again very soon.

Jalopnik at Katie's Cars and Coffee (Great Falls, Virginia)

It’s been a busy month of exciting things happening this August at Katie’s Cars and Coffee in Great Falls, Virginia. The weekly auto drive-in and show has recently grown in popularity this Summer, thanks to more frequent appearances of extremely rare and expensive cars, such as an original Cunningham C2R that first made an appearance on May 25th (and a return trip on August 17th)…

…and more recently, two separate Bugatti Veyrons. The first made an appearance on July 6th, coming from nearby Volkswagen corporate offices in Dulles, and a second, privately owned Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport on August 10th, which flew in earlier this month on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight to Washington Dulles International Airport, and has been seen touring its way up the Eastern seaboard. This is the same Veyron which has been spotted in Georgetown, downtown Washington, DC, and most recently sustained damaged in a collision with a truck in New York City, just yesterday.

All this attention hasn’t gone unnoticed by local automotive enthusiasts of car news website and blog, Jalopnik, and this past Saturday (August 24th), a number of Jalops (active members of the Jalopnik community) met to enjoy a Cars and Coffee event at Katie’s Coffee House. Among the group was Washington, DC based Jalopnik writer, Patrick George, who arrived in a Cadillac ATS on loan to him for review.

The group met in the company of fellow car lovers, and toured this weekend’s Cars and Coffee offerings, stopping to chat with drivers, and discuss interesting stories of ownership, and automotive history behind some manufacturers and their innovations.




The meet was an amazing success, only made better by perfect weather. The group stood for a picture in front of the classic Bently, and parted ways, until the next time we choose to meet. A special thanks to Nick for helping organize, who unfortunately was unable to attend.


This blog post is republished by J. David Buerk from his own photography blog. For the full set of photos, view the album at his Facebook Page. All photography is by J. David Buerk, and is copyrighted All Rights Reserved.