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A lot of new sub-blogs have popped up recently, and as I can't find an already-existing directory, I'm making one here. Please add any link I forgot in the comments.


Mothership: jalopnik.com

Users' Forum: oppositelock.jalopnik.com

Motor City News & Commentary: detroit.jalopnik.com

/Drive Youtube Channel: drive.jalopnik.com

Trucks & Pickups: truckyeah.jalopnik.com

Random Dude from Hotlanta: dougdemuro.jalopnik.com

Aircraft & Planelopnik: flightclub.jalopnik.com

Military Topics: foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com

Press Releases: releases.jalopnik.com (Not updated since December 31, 2013)

There are also some important multi-author kinja.com blogs, some of which are listed below. Please add any others you would like to see in the comments.


Motorsports News & Commentary: rennsport.kinja.com

Road & Track Magazine: kinja.roadandtrack.com

Racer Magazine: racermag.kinja.com

Motorcycles: rideapart.kinja.com

NASCAR: winonsunday.kinja.com (Not updated since October 16, 2013)


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