Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an idea.

I can’t be alone concluding the vast majority of drivers on our public roads don’t have the first clue about the rules that govern this activity. I say we, as enthusiasts and hopefully as conscientious, situationally aware, in-control-of-our-vehicles types, take it upon ourselves to bring awareness to this fact.

Beginning in January, let’s all collectively make bi-weekly posts in our social media feeds explaining the basic rules of motor vehicle operation. We’ll need a topic list of issues explained with reliable and accurate information, and a hashtag.

For example, no one int he State of Texas has the first clue how a 4-way stop works. I polled some coworkers, who at my place of employment are all highly educated, intelligent professionals whoa re very good at what they do. The most common wrong answer? I have no idea, I just wave everyone else through until I’m the last car. The second most common wrong answer? If you’re going straight, you get to go first; turning cars have to go last.


This is moronic, and not limited to four-way stops. Merging. Right on red. Pedestrian right of way. Lane hogging. People don’t know how to drive. So let’s do something about it, in our own limited way. Because seriously, I’m just going to never drive again if I have to continue dealing with these mouth breathers.