Alright guys, the day is here. I have my latest batch of decals back in stock, and the quality is stunning.

All three are printed on weather resistant white vinyl, laminated with a UV resistant clear vinyl to prevent color fade, and then die cut to a perfect borderless design. I have a plain white vinyl with thin black border, the original design, and a rising sun design with a black border; as well as some remaining inventory of my last run, clear vinyl with a discreet original logo. Please note that the transparent decals are not die cut.

Any of my recent orders due to word of mouth (thank you front page) have been shipped with one of the new batch, so I'm excited to start seeing some of these pop up. Thanks for anyone who ordered before the batch was quite ready, I had extenuating circumstances with my supplier but ultimately he came through for me.

Send me an email if you'd like to know more!