Soho, NY

Jalopnik features editor and excessive user of hyperbole, Travis Okulski, asked his readers today to submit large pictures of meat and bodies along with snappy headlines for republication on Jalopnik's home page.

"We're basically looking to become an automotive Reddit, only with ads.", Okulski was quoted as thinking to himself.  "We'd like to see more unique, user-generated content" he continued in his head, "something outside of reporting news or looking for exhaust pipes that Ray can put his penis in, Torch misusing memes, you know, typical Jalop stuff."

There can be downsides to this type of crowd-sourced republishing, however.  Matt Hardigree, senior editor and owner of only one blue-and-black-checked flannel explains, "What I'm really not looking forward to is the constant complaining that will inevitably result when one story gets bumped and several others do not.  Our commenters are a fickle bunch.  We do a regular feature called QOTD/AOTD to facilitate discussion on any number of automotive subjects, but they usually end up with 70% of the comments complaining that their suggestion was not taken.  It gets frustrating, and Raphael Orlove, our senior Youtube and listicle editor, has been on the receiving end of dozens of black roses, threats of violence, anthrax in his Corn Flakes, poison ivy toilet paper and the like.  It's basically broken him."

Pictured: Travis awaiting commenter abuse