My comment on this mornings FP post about the Captiva fanboy got a lot of feedback and has convinced me that posting this type of stuff could become a great new feature. Bonus for Jalopnik is that it is an easy content mine.

Some people suggested modeling it after “Why your Team Sucks” on Deadspin which I would totally go for. As a side note, I often wish they’d get Drew Magary to write a review of his family’s minivan or something. I can see a “why your car sucks” weekly feature doing really well.

Others suggested having “Meh car monday” and “Fanboi Freakout Friday” which I also love the idea of.

My joke idea (now less of a joke) is to just write blatantly clickbaity/hatebaity headlines. Some of mine are:

“Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ: To much power?”
“Mustang GT: Worst Car Ever?”
“Mazda Miata: It Really is for Hairdressers and Women.”
“Chevy Silvarado, The Only Proper Truck”


Or if they really want to start shit:

“Please welcome our newest writer, Alissa Walker”

What would be your fanboy baiting article titles?