So, another Jalopnik Film Festival has come and gone, and while it may be too early for some to start thinking about the next one, I already have an idea. Thing is, I have no commitment, so this is more for someone to steal. My idea: car culture.

Hear me out. You often hear people lamenting that car culture is dying. But by the mere fact that we’re here is proof that it is well and alive. What if we made a film showing what car culture is like today? By that, I mean the many forms it takes on.

For example, we have Opponauts all over the world, and into all sorts of things. Muscle and hot rods, quirky European cars, stance (yo), offroading, all that bunk. We could take a few stories from members and show them off in a film, although length might be an issue. Logistics would also be a problem, making sure camera and audio quality are good enough across the board, but remember, I’m talking out of my ass right now, so that can be solved later.


Good idea? Bad idea? What does everyone think?