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The Bentleys and Audis from the front page's coverage of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show were cool and all, but Jalopnik forgot one of the most important concepts revealed to the public: this small, anonymous crossover from Hyundai.


Topshot from Car Magazine UK

The Hyundai Tucson, as it currently stands, is only remarkable in how far behind the competition it is. I've driven one only once, but I'm sure others can back me up - "the interior is lacking" is what a PR spin artist would say at this point. Right now, it's carrying over too much of "old" Hyundai. The Hyundai Hyundai is desperate for you to forget. It's the least needed kind of product they need in perhaps the hottest market right now.


It's not hard to see where most companies are funneling their R&D money right now, and for the most part it seems well-spent. Honda has spent much of it keeping the CR-V relevant allowing the deep refresh to nab MotorTrend's SUV of the Year. Toyota has an all-new RAV4, Nissan has an all-new Rogue and the Ford Escape is still new enough to call new. Meanwhile, the Tucson has fallen behind the competition even straight out of its first model year. The new one will demonstrate whether or not Hyundai is serious about playing in this segment - though I'm willing to bet they are.

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