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Jalopnik needs a Hot Wheels series

I'm standing in the aisle at Toys R' Us typing this on my phone and can't help but notice how diluted the die cast vehicle selection has become. Twilight, Ghost, Miami Vice and Magnum P.I. - they all have their own collection of die cast vehicles.

Two automotive magazines are represented here, Road & Track and Car and Driver, proudly displaying, get this...a 1971 Mustang and a 2011 Hennessey Camaro. Really? I expect something a bit more 'enthusiast' from a car magazine.

This is why I propose that we come up with 5 cars that would be offered in a Hot Wheels Jalopnik Series. Place all 5 of your cars in a single post and the one most recommended wins.

Now, this is all for fun, meaning no one is actually talking to Hot Wheels, but I think as enthusiasts we can collectively demand a diecast series that represents our automotive passion.

After all we are the ones buying these cars, even if we say it's for our kid.

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