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One thing I like about Oppo is that we support each other. I think that extends to the greater Jalopnik community. I think it would be cool for Jalopnik to run a countersteer asking for their readers stories of meeting other readers.

I love the community here and I know that I’d do anything that I could to help a fellow Oppo and that extends to Jalopnik readers and writers.


I thought I’d share two stories and ask that you share your posts or stories in the comments.

A fellow Jalopnik reader met with me one time, we exchanged contact info but regrettably haven’t met up since. A few months ago, he texted me asking if I was OK because he saw a Fiesta ST like mine wrecked. I really appreciated the thought, especially since he seems like the kind of person who would have come to help me in anyway he could have had it actually been me who crashed.

I left my office to bail out FP writer and Tempest host David Obuchowski, his wife and two kids in my Fiesta when our cities notoriously bad cabs left them at a tourist trap in the rain. I had just cleaned the car top to bottom for hours the day before and as I pulled up, his two kids were literally rolling in the dirt out of boredom.





I know Oppo has some awesome stories about the community here and on Jalopnik. Let’s hear them!

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