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Jalopnik/OppositeLock's Democratic "Cool Wall" Take 2!

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So, a while back I wrote a post trying to start a "Cool Wall" on Oppo. I had some attention from Matt, but I didn't see anything ever happen. Well I'm back, and with the new found knowledge of getting a polling system to work (surprisingly easier than you think...).


While I am making this Democratic, let us remember, fellow Opponauts, that this is the COOL WALL, and your misinterpretation of what that means will be met with a veto.

The Opposite Locker

I will start posting tomorrow, but first lets lay down how the bee gets his knees...


The Name: The Opposite Locker. High School was the place were 'coolness' mattered, so the locker will determine if a car can go toe-to-toe with the cat's pajamas. I heard a lot of cheers for 'flannel pannel' on the last post, but I don't think it really works.

The Engine: I will use a polling system from polldaddy. You will all vote on the vehicle's coolness, and I will post the results on the following post. However, be warned, I am at the top of the coolness clic and have absolute VETO POWER!


The Format: Its basically the standard 'cool wall' with some modifications. Our "Kristen Scott Thomas Test" will be the "Anna Kendrick Test", unless you all decide on something better. The fridge (or other cooling machine) will be the cold pack from that super hot chick at school that happens to sing lead in an all girls rock band.

Achieving Cool Clic Stature: If anyone wants to help, you will be appreciated. I don't really have any graphics ready for this; if I like what you've come up with (use it) you will be given input on the Veto, if it has to come to that. Any other ideas are welcome.

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