Fellow Oppos and Jalopniks,

After some discussion with fellow Oppo twinturbobmw, we would like to invite everyone to a Jalopnik meet-up at Portland Cars and Coffee in South Portland on April 5th. Portland Cars and Coffee welcomes any and all kinds of cars, trucks, motorcycles and anything on wheels and the group sees members from around Oregon and Washington.

We would like to start the Jalopnik meet part of Portland Cars and Coffee at 9:00am. If you guys want to organize places where people want to meet up prior to the event and caravan to Portland Cars and Coffee, please make the appropriate arrangements in the discussions below. There are no assigned parking spots at Portland Cars and Coffee, but we don't want people to fight over a spot. There will be ample parking for everyone.

You can find the meeting spot in the parking lot behind the Starbucks right off of Sequoia Parkway. The Google Maps marker below points to that parking lot, but the Starbucks actually faces Sequoia (go Google Maps!).

Link to Google Maps (embedded Google Maps got Kinja'd)

Portland Cars and Coffee's group page on Facebook has some additional information about the weekly event and links to photos of the selection of cars that come out.


To allow people to put a face to an Jalopnik username, we suggest those that are going to the meet create an info sheet about your ride and your username; or, have a unique name tag with your name and username.

Portland Cars and Coffee is held in a private parking lot with permission of the property managers and owners. With that in mind, the Portland Cars and Coffee organizers have set a few common sense rules: no burnouts, no engine revs or exhaust contests, and no loud stereos. This will make the event enjoyable for everyone and makes sure that we can continue to hold the weekly event and other special meets like this one.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post questions below or send me a message on Twitter (@AudiForLife) or on Facebook. I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.


Hope to see you guys there!