Jalopnik Rant

Where the hell are the editors when these NPoCP posts get published? I almost have a stroke every time I try to read one. They can be so poorly written sometimes. A few nit picks:

  • Seemingly paragraph-long, clumsily worded run-on sentences:

That’s too bad because not only are they are really interesting as cars and as a bit of automotive history, but they’re also pretty fun to drive. [27 words]

The ratio of length to height is more wagon-like than any of its direct competition and that’s a bonus for those of us who prefer to hunker down on the road rather than tip around corners like we’re driving a bar stool. [42 words!]

  • “Thesaurus” function seems to have been used at least once in every sentence to find the fanciest alternative:

...tactic of taking a family car and imbuing it with higher performance bonafides has long been a tradition in the automotive industry. It’s given us such venerable names as...

We often parrot the sage apophthegm [sic] that its always better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow (note: the word is apothegm, and nobody has heard of that either!)

  • Often about half (up to 300 words!) of each article is spent talking about the last NPoCP before the current contestant is even mentioned. Too much! Yesterday’s car had its time in the spotlight already. Cut that down to 100 words.
  • The segues between current and previous contenders are always incredibly clunky and forced. You don’t have to find a link between the two cars every time!
  • Hella padding. It’s like the author is paid by word count. You get entire irrelevant paragraphs just to set up one sentence. It’s disappointing to have all this buildup and then the author’s train of thought just dead-ends:

Rant over. Feel free to pick apart my grammar and writing skills because that’s just inevitable when commenting on others’.

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