For a while now people wondered what car dragged a guy for miles in New Orleans. Now I’m pretty damn sure that I solved it. No other car matched it except this one.

The car that dragged the man is a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta.

How do I know? The chrome trim is only at the bottom of the window trim, it has turn signals on the side mirrors, the back light design matches(no other car has it like that) and the chrome blurred badge is the chrome lining on the V and the W. Also, the hubcaps look similar. Try and see if you can make these connections, I saved the pics but couldn’t get the video. There’s no other match, Im willing to bet on this one. You’re gonna have to look really closely and also remember fast movement can distort it a bit. What really sold it for me is the taillights, like I said no other car has it like that.

This pic didn’t have the chrome trim (other Jetta models do, sorry for the bad pic example) and the lights aren’t on all the way
Those damn taillights!! The hubcaps!!!!

But correct me if you think I’m wrong, this is what I’m sold on though. Thoughts? This case is still open as far as I’ve seen!