Going out on a limb here, but does anyone think Top Gear USA is really good enough? I don't. They've had more than enough time to rattle the cage. BBC Top Gear brings the hurt, big time. Australia's Mighty Car Mods kills it too, albeit with a fraction of the production costs (made up for with good ol' fashioned DIY know-how (they both have backgrounds in A/V, presentation, and mechanics (plus Moog makes his own music!))). Here's what I'm all about: I think Jalopnik is America's best answer to BBC Top Gear and MCM. So... Jalopnik TV anyone? As for hosting, I don't nominate Mike Spinelli, Scotty Kilmer, Drive, or even John Davis. Blasphemy, I know. And who are those two bimbos from Colorado? Yeah, not them either.