Jalopnik vs. TTAC: A False Debate?

Jalopnik and The Truth About Cars are the only two automotive sites I read on an almost daily basis. I think they complement each other rather well: Jalopnik has (in general) shorter form articles with a light hearted and fun slant, and posts more content. TTAC (also, in general) has longer, more in-depth articles, has an overall more serious tone, and more "think pieces," but posts less often. But they are both about covering the automotive industry and what it means to be a car enthusiast.

The two sites regularly link to each other's articles and mention each other, and the editorial staff seems to enjoy a congenial, professional relationship, with staff members of both sites commenting on the other's site. (I will say though, that I sometimes detect a hint of condescension from the TTAC staff towards Jalopnik).


Another thing that these sites share is a an active and involved user base. In general, I avoid reading comments on the internet, but on both Jalopnik and TTAC the comments are usually a good mix of being funny, informative and thought provoking. This is why I was so struck recently by all the hate towards Jalopnik in the comments section of a recent post on TTAC about Travis' video adventures with Pepsi. (The link doesn't seem to want to insert here, so I'm putting the link below)

I'm not going to say that everyone on TTAC hates Jalopnik, there were plenty of well reasoned and even handed comments on TTAC regarding Jalopnik, but I was a bit shocked and saddened by all the vitriol directed towards Jalopnik in the comments. Jalopnik seems to be bigger target of hatred than even the UAW or politicians. These are two sites and two communities that should get along, and honestly I think they both offer something of value to the other.

So what do you guys think? Do you read both sites regularly? Do you comment on both sites? Is it just a vocal minority on TTAC that creates an illusion of strife between the two sites or is there really a conflict there? Is my analysis of the two sites way off?

Link to the TTAC article: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2014/02/jalopn…

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