You know who’s had fun this year? My Puffalumps. (Me, too.) Here’s some of the things you wonderful people have done with my Puffalumps that have made me laugh the most.

Above is a reference to my Puffalump on a Lambo. I’m pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude. It’s a lovely neon fire truck yellow-green car running in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series. TFritch even let me stick a bunny sticker on the roof. May this car forever dominate.

My Porsche’s 24 Hours of LeMons theme approves of this one.


Scweenname made the best Puffalump meme ever. Bunny rules. Deal with it.

ZOMG! Daniel Ricciardo touched my Puffalump. (Again.) Here’s one of the last dying gasps of my poor, poor DSLR SuperPotato that got soaked through and ultimately died during Formula One this year. I’m a huge fan of the Honey Badger because he always seems to be having fun with F1 and I hope Red Bull’s able to crawl back into a competitive car next year.


Speaking of good memes and Ricciardo—AWWWW YES!


Flowergirl modified this wonderful ‘shoop by Arch Duke Maxyenko, and it’s pure joy and happiness defined. (FWIW, this one—unlike Rally Chicken—is a real, live Puffalump duck! Catching oppo! In a Porsche GT2! <3)

Jim Tomlinson gathered all the ‘lumps at the 24 Hours of LeMons race at MSR-Houston and took this shot of me racing Tetanus Racing’s 944. While it wasn’t the Porschelump, the ‘lumps want to watch, nonetheless.


May 2016 be full of even more squee!

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