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Jalopnik's "Cool Wall"

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Its been too many seasons since Top Gear has mentioned the Cool Wall. I was thinking that Jalopnik/Oppo should take over Top Gear's misdirection, only with a little more Democracy; this is an American website, after all...



1. We most probably will have to think of a new name for legal purposes. "Overhaul Drywall", "Flannel Panel (for hipsters and outdoorsmen)", "dreaded bulkhead", "marvelous bulwark"?


2. Voting System. This would need some extracurricular programming by Kinja or whoever's charge this falls under. Lifehacker uses some simple html forms for small surveys, but I'm not convinced this alone would cut it under a larger scale with discussions and arguments.

3. Paid Jalopnik writers Veto. I can already see some cars that we would all like that Kristen-Scott Thomas wouldn't get into.


4. Change the measure of "Kristen Scott Thomas" to "Anna Kendrick"


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