Jalopnik's future will be...exactly the same

I know a lot of people are in a panic because Nick Denton has claimed Gawker will be put up for sale during the bankruptcy. What this means for Jalopniks overwhelmingly likely to be...absolutely nothing. Business is likely just going to continue on as usual - all your favorite editors for the most part are likely going to stay, and I’m willing to bet Oppo’s staying too.

What in effect’s going to happen is a change of ownership - which is going to occur at levels so high above Jalopnik itself (let alone Oppo) that the changes will be noticeable but in a “hey we have a different flavor of donuts this morning” kind of way - unless the new owner decides to make drastic changes for the hell of it (hopefully not). If you’ve ever worked at a job - say a car dealership - that has had new ownership (or worked in a civil job that’s had a change of top-level management, like a new fire chief) it’s pretty much the same thing - a new person in charge but the business itself is still there. Chances are there probably weren’t that many changes anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going to happen to Jalopnik.

So I can’t say Jalopnik is permanent - but I’m pretty damn sure I can say it’s going to be here for a damn long time. Chances are so will Oppo. In fact chances are you won’t even notice anything.

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