Jalops will love this: 410hp, Diesel V8 VW Amarok Truck.

German tuner MTM (Motorentechnik Meyer), specialized in various levels of crazy VAG products, has announced their first modified VW Amarok. Instead of fiddling around with the stock engine, they simply grabbed Audi's 4.2L V8 Diesel and dropped it into the small trucks engine bay. Of course, MTM being MTM, they gave the engine a few upgrades, so that it now produces 410hp and 910NM of torque. 910!

All that torque makes it rather quick. 62mph are done after 6 seconds flat, and despite being as aerodynamic as a skyscraper, it would do 222 kph/ 138mph on the Autobahn.


To keep it all controllable, the brake system has been upgraded, and the leaf spring suspension is gone too and replaced by something called "Panhard rods combined with air springs". No idea what they mean with that, but it does sound very engineered.

You can expect to see more than a bad photoshop of the car and its 22inch wheels once Geneva Motor Show kicks off.

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