James May: Our Man In Japan (no spoilers)

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I went into this fully expecting to love it considering I love James’ other solo stuff, and, well...


I loved it! Probably more than 90% of the stuff the trio have done together in the last few years. James always shines when he’s on his own, and this is absolutely no exception. It features SOME cars, but not really, but like Man Lab or Toy Stories or his stuff with Oz, the lack of cars isn’t a hindrance. If anything, it’s extremely refreshing. I really do hope we get another season of this, although I’m not sure where he should go next. If he goes anywhere though, it should feature Oz Clarke in at least some capacity. I don’t even care if it’s somewhere that hasn’t heard of wine or alcohol. Bring Oz back.

If you aren’t a fan of James and his overtly deadpan sense of humour and his constant pedantry, this series is definitely not for you. But you probably knew that already. At it’s heart it’s a travel show, but I could watch May paint a wall and talk about the drying process afterwards and I would still be thoroughly entertained. It reminded me a good bit of his stuff with Oz, just replace Oz with an overenthusiastic (i.e. slightly mad) Japanese tour guide, and replace the above excessive drinking with only slightly above excessive drinking, and you’ve got Our Man in Japan.


A very solid 8.5/10. A fine addition to James’ solo career. Let’s hope Jezza’s solo show which is coming eventually is just as good.

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