Thankfully, we apparently have at least one marauder owner among the collective who can still uphold the dubious honor of "wealthy elitist snobs" that those lowly, pesky 2V panther owners have so generously bestowed upon us over the years. James Power (of J.D. Power fame) owns a 50,000 mile 2003 Marauder.

I don't know about you, but this guy sounds pretty jalop to me for a man of his wealth to be DD'ing such a mid level old car. Hats off to you, Mr. Power!


(I'm not sure what his net worth is, but since he sold J.D. Power for $400 Million dollars to McGraw Hill in 2005, and still held a high position in the company until 2009, I'm willing to bet he's pretty well off. )

KWHS: That is good to hear. As a car enthusiast, I wanted to ask you one last question. What are you driving now? What is a favorite car or two of all time?

Power: You wouldn't believe it, but I am driving a Mercury Marauder.

KWHS: That's a nice car.

Power: I love it because I can get in, turn the key and take off. I can't keep up with all these new gadgets in the car. I have had it 11 years, and [it just turned] 50,000 miles. A lot of young people come up and ask me about it. I also have gotten stopped by the police a couple of times. They wanted to see the car. My wife thought I should get a ticket. She was giving me a bad time after that. [The police officer] walked away and said, "That's a great car."

KWHS: Thank you for joining us, Mr. Power.

Power: Thank you for having me.

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